Takeaway Granola Walnuts/Halzel+Almonds


We know that your mornings are dynamic and your days filled with many activities. At the same time, research has shown that the awareness of healthy eating habits has been increasing, and the number of people who think in terms of managing the intake of balanced nutrients is constantly on the rise.

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The nuts present in the granola supply the body with unsaturated fatty acids. The high percentage of oat flakes makes the Granola muesli an important source of dietary fiber that favorably affects the intestinal microflora and digestive tract. The presence of magnesium and B complex make the Granola muesli with nuts a well-balanced healthy food with high nutritional value. Consumed with milk or yoghurt, it is a healthy choice for nutritive breakfast-meal for all generations – kids, teenagers, youngsters, adults, sports people, pregnant women and all those who take care of their health.