STR8 Red Code Gift Set


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STR8 Red Code Gift Set STR8 reinvents itself and inspires you to not settle for anything less than great

This STR8 Red Code Gift contains :

Aftershave 50ml + Shower Gel 250ml + Deodorant Spray 150ml!

STR8 is a loved brand that needs no introduction. It has written its own unique story in the lives of young people across the world. A story of inspiration and masculinity that has evolved through time, but always remained true and relevant. It celebrates the power of staying true to yourself and your vision in life, chasing your dreams without giving up and finding motivation in your inner strength.

Chasing your goals and fighting to achieve greatness are not random acts. Going for great, it’s a choice. Let STR8 inspire you to follow your dreams, without hesitation, aim high and reach for your own greatness. Give it a go!