Somerset Christmas Houses Bath Fizzers x10

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Somerset Christmas Houses Bath Fizzers x10

This charming gift set contains 10 x 10g scented bath bombs. To use, simply remove all outer packaging and add to your bath to soften and scent the water. Escape to a winter wonderland with the sweet, seasonal scent of Gingerbread or Berry Fizz.

About Somerset

We are honest about what ingredients we use and we use natural extracts in our products where possible. Our most popular collection Naturally European is completely paraben and SLS free. Everything we do is tested in-house as we believe strongly against animal cruelty and as a result we do not sell into China. Each year we introduce new products and review our existing collections based on customer feedback and industry trends.

We are extremely proud to have been creating beautiful body care and home fragrance for the last 20 years.

The attribute for our success to our talented team, our luxurious products plus brilliant customer relationships. We feel that at this point in time the most important journey we can take is that to sustainability. Due to the alarming environmental state of our planet, we feel we all must do our bit – both as individuals and organisations.


Berry Fizz, Ginger Bread