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Fancy healthy oatmeal with a rich taste of raspberry in just two minutes? Take with you a two-minute sweet and healthy instant pleasure, no matter whether you are at home, work or with friends. Just choose Go Nutri instant oatmeal from Vitalia and enjoy the balanced mixture of soft oat flakes and raspberry sweetened with fructose.

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The raspberry gives wonderful flavor to the Go Nutri oatmeal with raspberry. It is rich in vitamin C, minerals (manganese, potassium, calcium) and it is a rich source of dietary fiber. Nutritious and healthy meal for everyone who feeds healthily and practices healthy lifestyle. Suitable for diabetics and people who have lactose intolerance after previous consultation with a doctor. Also suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Use: Easy and quick preparation. Soak the whole content (55 g) in 200ml of milk or yoghurt and leave it for 2 minutes.