Polaar Night Revitalising Elixir 15ml


For skin that is detoxified, regenerated and smoothed like after an 8-hour night’s sleep!

Area of application : Face and neck

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Polaar Night Revitalising Elixir 15ml :

99% of ingredients of natural origin.

Your skin lacks vitality and is prone to visible signs of aging?

Help it regenerate with Polaar Night Revitalising Elixir 15ml. This exceptional product, formulated with Boreal Algae rich in phyto-melatonin, boosts night-time cell regeneration to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and signs of fatigue while you sleep! The result? A radiant and peaceful complexion in the morning!

Take advantage of your sleep to regenerate your skin with the Revitalizing Elixir, the latest addition to the POLAR NIGHT product range.

Its star active ingredient, Rhodiménia Palmata, is a mysterious algae that lives in the depths of Arctic waters, where light is scarce. Under the influence of the moon, it synthesises phytomelatonin – a plant enzyme similar to melatonin, which is secreted by the brain during sleep to trigger nocturnal cell regeneration. We have combined it for increased efficiency with Criste Marine Bio, rich in minerals, and an Organic Red Micro-Algae that fights dehydration of the epidermis.

The incredible benefits of these polar active ingredients are passed on to you in this dry oil, which penetrates without any oily effect and leaves the skin soft and comfortable. It is the ideal product to meet the needs of tired, stressed, devitalized skin, and for all those who are looking for more naturalness in their daily beauty routine. With its 99% of ingredients of natural origin, this serum with an addictive fragrance regenerates, revitalizes and illuminates skin lacking light in a single step. When you wake up, your skin is full of radiance, plumped up and visibly younger.

About Polaar :
Polaar is a family story. That’s what makes this story sincere and true. It is the love of exploration and science that has been passed down from one generation to the next. A hereditary desire to make the wonders of the polar world accessible. Each formula is assembled to reveal the beauty of the woman.

Natural 🌿Cruelty-free & Vegan 🐧