Polaar | Night Mask Revitalising 50ml


With a wealth of restorative active ingredients, this night mask effectively smooths, regenerates and relaxes stressed, devitalised skin. Boreal Algae care for your face while you sleep, for a radiant complexion first thing in the morning

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Thanks to the revitalising virtues of Boreal Algea, this night mask regenerates and revitalises you skin in-depth while you sleep. Night after night, toxins are eliminated, smoothing and re-oxygenating your skin.Boreal Algea stimulate the skin’s microcirculation, thus eliminating the toxins that build up during the day. The damage caused by everyday aggressions (pollution, stress, etc.) is repaired. Rich in beta-endorphins and essential nutrients, these Boreal Algea revitalise stressed, dehydrated skin, giving it a youthful glow. This night mask’s fresh, creamy, enveloping texture penetrates when applied in a thick layer that doesn’t stain, isn’t sticky and pampers you for a moment of absolute well-being. Let its addictive fragrance take you away. Your senses come to life. Not greasy or sticky for the pillow. Immediately absorbed.

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