Polaar | IceSource Skin Quenching Hydrating Mask 75ml


The IceSource over-moisturizing mask intensely infuses the skin with its moisturizing active ingredients and allows it to regain its softness, vitality and original beauty. The effects are immediate, the feeling of freshness is instantaneous, the comfort is absolute.

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Ready for a bath of hydration and freshness? The Super Hydrating Mask contains three active ingredients with exceptional properties, specially selected to intensely quench the thirst of the epidermis and offer radiance and comfort to all skin types. This mask with a delicate scent infuses your skin, and acts as hydrating micro-patches to quench thirsty skin. It is suitable for all types of skin lacking hydration (dry, combination and even oily skin, which can also experience a state of cutaneous dehydration) and can be applied overnight in the most extreme cases, for a complexion fresh and plumped upon waking!

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