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Like an anti-ageing protective shield, Nunatak flowers’ active ingredients provide firmness, elasticity and comfort around the eyes. With infinite softness, the Youthful Eye Contour treatment restores the radiance of the eyes

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Capable of stimulating cell regeneration, they bring freshness and well-being to this delicate area that is the eye contour area. The eye contour area is very fragile. 3 to 5 times thinner than the rest of the face, it is not very resistant. At the same time, it is extremely solicited: our eyes make about 10,000 blinks every day! Very low in sebaceous glands, it is therefore poorly protected against dehydration. Rich in moisturizing and anti-oxidant active ingredients, the Eternal Snow Youth Eye Contour restores elasticity and resistance to the thin skin of the eye contour area.
 Its fine micro-emulsion texture penetrates instantly and acts as a mini eye lift, reducing wrinkles and wrinkles. Its regenerative power restores the freshness of the eye contour area. Its tubular cannula format allows for precise dosage and better hygiene.

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Eternal Snow