Instant Oatmeal Chocolate And Nuts


Fancy healthy oatmeal with a rich taste of chocolate in just two minutes? Take with you a two-minute sweet and healthy instant pleasure, no matter whether you are at home, work or with friends. Just choose Go Nutri instant oatmeal from Vitalia and enjoy the balanced mixture of soft oat flakes, corn germs, chocolate and hazelnuts sweetened with fructose.

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Go Nutri – instant oatmeal boosts your dynamics with smile and health at any time of day. Made from 100% natural ingredients with a balanced nutritive profile and no artificial colors or conservatives added, Go Nutri oatmeal prepared with water or milk is an ideal meal for any time of day. It contains a high percentage of dietary fiber essential for good digestion. It is prepared from carefully selected ingredients (oat flakes, corn germs, chocolate chips, hazelnut and fructose) at the strictest control possible during the production process so that health and safety are guaranteed with every bite.