Instant Oatmeal Chia & Caramel


You love caramel taste? New oat meal from Vitalia with chia and caramel is made by unique recipe and no sugars added. Perfect meal for the followers of low sugar lifestyle. We recommend this oat meal for people with high level of blood sugar because it contains only 0.3g sugar per portion. Make this new Go nutri oatmeal with chia and caramel taste for only 2 minutes.

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Oat is a grain with marvelous nutritional value. It is high in fiber, proteins and complex carbs. Recommended daily intake: Go nutri oat meal with chia and caramel taste is meal for a balanced start of the day. In a normal daily menu with 2000Kcal, we recommend 1-2 meals (60g/meal). How to prepare: Soak the content of the box of oat meal in milk, yogurt or vegetable milk (almond, coconut, rice and soya), stir and enjoy. For the lovers of a hot creamy meal, we recommend you soak it in hot milk.