Bezgluten Gluten Free Choco Orange Sponge Cakes 150g


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Bezgluten Gluten Free Choco Orange Sponge Cakes 150g

Bezgluten Gluten Free Choco Orange Sponge Cakes 150g is suitable for people intolerant to gluten. To explore all our products click here! 

 May contain nuts, milk (including lactose).

About Bezgluten 

As a leader of Polish market of gluten free and low-protein foods, our main aim since 2004 was to help people live a normal life. Therefore, we have created a base of over 250 high quality products. Consequently there are many types of pasta, bread, flours, cereals, sweets, snacks, spices and soups. As a producer of gluten free food, we are aware of the growing expectations of consumers and the latest market trends. Bearing this in mind, we are constantly expanding our offer, introducing more and more fresh and improved low-protein and gluten free products.

About a Gluten-Free Diet

If you think you may be intolerant to gluten or have coeliac disease, speak to your doctor for testing.  It is important that in adopting a gluten-free diet you still maintain a healthy and balanced diet.  Luckily, a combination of gluten-free substitutes and naturally gluten-free food should help you.  Furthermore, your doctor will guide you too better understand how sensitive you are and how you can best follow a gluten-free diet.  For guidance and assistance, you can visit the Coeliac Association Malta‘s website for more information and regular updates!


Sponge cake 43%: pasteurized egg mass, corn flour, sugar, potato starch, soy flour, maltodextrin, glucose-fructose syrup, raising agents: ammonium carbonates, diphosphates, sodium carbonates; salt, rapeseed oil; Jelly 42% : sugar, glucose-fructose syrup, water, humectant: glycerol; acidity regulators: citric acid, sodium citrate; gelling agent: pectins; concentrated orange juice (1.1% – in jelly), concentrated apple juice, flavours, color: annatto; Chocolate 15%: sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifiers: lecithins, polyglycerol polyricinoleate; flavor.



Nutritional Information

Nutritional value per 100 g of product:
Energy value in 100 g of product: 1512 kJ/ 358 kcal

Fat: 7,2 g

of which saturates: 3,3 g

Carbohydrate: 69 g

of which sugars: 44 g

Fibre: 2,2 g

Protein: 4,7g

Salt: 0,53 g