Antonio Banderas Energy Force Power of Seduction


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Antonio Banderas Energy Force Power of Seduction is the new fragrance of the limited edition that reveals the more courageous, athletic side of Antonio Banderas when it comes to the art of seduction.    

Antonio Banderas Energy Force Power of Seduction is an oriental, woody and aromatic notes.

·         TOP NOTES (citrus and fruit): red apple / bergamot.

·         HEART NOTES (aromatic): lavender / nutmeg.

·         BASE NOTES (woody): sandalwood / leather chord.

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About Antonio Banderas:

Attractive. Charismatic. Irresistibly authentic. From internationally-acclaimed actor to photographer, film director, and fashion designer. Antonio Banderas has succeeded in winning over the heart of Hollywood and the rest of the world with his unrivaled passion.

Each scent entails an arduous process that starts with the initial selection of ingredients and raw materials and ends with the perfect combination of aromas – aromas that are the essence of the actor, of his experiences, memories, the different stages in his life, and, of course, artistic trends and current fashions.

Antonio has become the alpha and omega of all his fragrances, taking part in the creation process from beginning to end.

“I’m not a chemist. I don’t know how to make a perfume, but when I speak with Puig about my experiences, my adventures, my perspective on life… the perfumers use those emotions and feelings to give shape to a fragrance that reflects my personality. In short, a truly distinctive scent.”

Antonio Banderas